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My Treatments

Being touched is such a basic need for a person and the body responds to a massage in two main ways. It can have a physical and a psychological effect that benefits the mind and the body simultaneously. The physical effect can reduce tension, ease muscle aches and pains, stiffness and increase joint mobility. The psychological effect can promote a feeling of complete relaxation, giving a clear mind by allowing yourself to unwind and to encourage the mind and spirit to be and feel well.


In our society, which is fast-paced, overloaded and stressful, massage is one way to help you release all the stresses and strains that if allowed, cause illness and an unhealthy state of mind.


Every type of massage has its own benefits. 


At Holistic Inspiration I offer the following massage therapies:- Reflexology, Reiki, Advanced Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Indian Head MassageNatural Lift Face Massage, 


Treatments are strictly by appointment only. An appointment can be made by telephone, text message or via private message through my Facebook page.


There is parking available, a train station and bus stop is very close by - see Contact Page for more details.



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