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Natural Lift Face Massage

Natural Lift Face Massage is an extremely relaxing blend of effective Indian and Japanese facial massage techniques combined with acupressure and facial reflexology. It also holds the name of Facial Rejuvenation. The techniques are adaptable to satisfy the clients needs and can be used with oil, creams with or without aromatherapy blends.

This treatment offers relaxation, anti ageing techniques, removal of toxin build up in the facial tissues, revitalising the face which will look and feel smoother, plumper, refreshed and stress free.

Not only is the face worked on but the neck, chest and shoulders are too, ensuring the greatest method of tension release and stress reduction. It can help towards sustaining and prolonging the natural beauty within us. By correcting the imbalances that may be occurring on the inside, it will eventually radiate on the outside.


Benefits of Natural Lift Face Massage:-


  • Repair and balance the condition of facial tissue

  • Improves skins suppleness

  • Enhances mental and physical relaxation

  • Stimulates neck and facial cell activity

  • Relieves symptoms of eye strain, headaches and jaw tension

  • Stimulates neck and facial cell activity

  • Delivers nutrients and oxygen by increasing circulation to the skins surface

  • Detoxifies the body via the lymphatic system 


For optimum results, weekly sessions for up to four weeks would be advised, then monthly sessions to maintain the benefits you have received in your previous treatments.

Natural Lift Face Massage from 45 mins £33.00 



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