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Welcome to my Therapy Room

Your relaxation and treatment time is as important to me as it is to you, so maintaining a warm, tranquil & calming environment will happen every time you visit. Every client at Holistic Inspiration will be treated according to their individual need and a treatment plan will be discussed in depth, so you are clear of the intentions and the benefits you wish to gain from each session and treatment you receive. 


The therapy room at Holistic Inspiration is private, comfortable and relaxing. Music is played during a treatment but if you feel it does not suit you please let me know.

At Holistic Inspiration I offer a wide range of treatments and therapies so it's an idea to find out for yourself how each therapy makes you and your mind feel before, during and even after a treatment. Some treatments will combine elements of Reiki, Reflexology or Aromatherapy. Not every therapy out there will resonate with you but once you find the ones that do, you'll gain the most beneficial health changes that you will want to incorporate into your lifestyle permanently.

To receive a treatment, an appointment has to be made via text message, telephone, or message via my Facebook business page.

Lifestyle History


Medical Consultation

A lifestyle history and medical consulation will take place during your first treatment visit only, although it will be reviewed at monthly intervals. This normally lasts no more than fifteen minutes and this is free of charge. Once a realistic treatment plan has been discussed your treatment can begin.

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