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Advanced Deep Tissue Massage

An Advanced Deep Tissue Massage can treat and focus on specific areas for muscular aches and pains, stiffness, increasing joint mobility and flexibility. It can help reduce spasms and muscle tension and improving range of motion. Helping with your sense of well being.

It's a style of massage that goes deeper than Swedish Massage, finding connective tissue, penetrating deeply into muscles and fascia, loosening and releasing deep seated tension and trigger points of pain and stiffness.

Advanced Deep Tissue Massage can be quite intense but has amazing results. I will use standard massage techniques but will combine the use of arms and fingers for deeper work on the muscles. It will tend to be slower than the Swedish Massage, with long flowing strokes to ease out the knots and tension, plus warming the muscles at a deeper level so not to cause the muscle to tense up. I work or hold the pressure on a particular area for a few minutes before moving on to another trouble spot or area. I would work with my client as it is important to communicate, so the client achieves the best outcome possible.


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