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Crystal Energy Healing


CRYSTAL ENERGY HEALING means working with crystals, energy vibration and intention. Intention is set by the therapist where they focus mental energy onto a stone or crystal. This is not a promise of a cure but an intention for promoting a self healing goal or an intended result.

Crystal Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing is a gentle non invasive form of therapy that works holistically to balance the mind, body, and emotions.


Every type of crystal has it's own energy that holds healing properties for so many different ailments and for most physical, mental and emotional issues known.

The colour also has a meaning. For example, black, brown or darker crystals tend to be good for grounding, centring, protecting and aligning. Green crystals are known to help with balancing, calming, stabilising and comforting.The intention we set and the techniques used whilst placing the crystals on and around the body draw that energy forward. Crystal energy can help repair and strengthen imbalances in all the bodies systems. Together with that intention and an openness to accept healing, loving energy will flow from these amazing natural sources from the earth to help holistically harmonise and balance the body.

Here are some of the reasons you might choose Crystal Energy Healing.

  • Relief from headaches and migraines

  • Aches and pains

  • Digestive issues

  • Fertility

  • Anxiety / stress

  • Uplift moods connected to depression

  • Reduction of mental fatigue

  • Wanting a sense of peace and tranquillity

  • Balances the chakras

  • Release stagnant / negative issues and energy.

  • Your Spiritual awareness.


Using crystals can subtly help you feel or think in a positive way. They can alter your physical well being by enabling our bodies energy to flow correctly.

During a Crystal Energy Healing/ Chakra Balancing session a pendulum will be used to identify imbalances or stagnant energy that might be blocking our bodies flow of energy. These blockages in energy are sometimes the cause of pain, fatigue, low mood or negative thinking.

Releasing, cleansing and balancing these energies with crystals, intention and even REIKI will open the flow of energy enabling our own self healing.

Crystals can be worn as jewellery , put in pockets, carried in a bag or put under pillows. You can meditate with crystals and even place them around your home or workplace to help with daily life.



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